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Many mobile apps are digital reflection of real world services like taxi, delivery, all types of tickets, booking services, loyalty programs etc. Speaking of the last two, we usually install separate app for each service. But when we only need to quickly use our card or ticket, searching and opening an app may become inconvenient. That's where Wallet comes in. In this article I'm going to explain what a Wallet is, and how we can create and distribute cards for Wallet.

So what is Wallet? It allows you to keep various kinds of cards (tickets, discount cards, etc.) in your…

A checklist from the AGIMA team

In 2020, almost three million apps were available for Android devices (as of March 28, according to Appbrain). This number continues to grow as hundreds of new applications for the operating system are appearing every day. This is partly thanks to AGIMA. We develop a wide variety of Android apps, both simple and complex, highly specialized and suitable for everyone. And there’s a lot we can say about the ins and outs of their development.

Of course, the most important aspect of an Android app is functionality. Flaws in the layout are rarely obvious, but when it comes to product…

Hi Meduim!

I’m Igor, Head of the Mobile Department at AGIMA. Well, haven’t everyone switched from ReactiveSwift/RxSwift to Combine yet? Then today I will talk about our experience of using such ReactiveSwift concepts as Action and BindingTarget, as well as about what tasks can be solved with their help. Please keep in mind that the same concepts exist as RxAction and Binder in RxSwift. In this article, we will look at examples for ReactiveSwift, and at the end I will show the same things for RxSwift.

I hope that you are already familiar with reactive programming and have experience using…

Management accounting is a very broad concept. Wikipedia describes it as an orderly system for identifying, measuring, collecting, registering, interpreting, summarizing, preparing and providing information that is vital for making decisions on the organization’s business and management processes.

The main objective of management accounting is to show planned and actual outcomes according to the financial model of the organization for the purpose of making management decisions. But how can we take into account all the associated factors and risks in building a financial model?

What to expect in the article

How we approach the management accounting process, predict costs and determine the minimum planning horizon.

Who the article is for


We are increasingly shifting from projects centered on the demands of customers or users to projects focused on product hypotheses. There are several reasons for this.

On the one hand, we are expected to implement new functions within increasingly shorter deadlines. That’s because the competition is getting fiercer, and the world, thanks to modern technology, keeps speeding up and getting more complex.

On the other hand, having more diverse groups of users means facing more diverse needs. We are moving at full speed towards an entirely customizable world. And this creates an even greater demand for instantaneous product adjustments.

From demand to hypothesis


Hi, my name is Grisha, and at the end of 2009 I became a web designer at AGIMA. I participated, watched, participated again, and watched yet again as the company tried to launch a new website. A lot of people have experienced the same thing.

A tragicomic tale about people who struggle to make time for themselves, yet are so overqualified that they can never settle for ‘good enough’. The story of a cobbler with no shoes.

But that’s not the worst case scenario. Seriously. When Gaudí was hit by a tram number 30 at 5:30 on Monday, June 7…


AGIMA — is the largest integrator of digital solutions. Main specialization: web and mobile development, web analytics and product analytics, design.

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